Whut up Hoopstars? We made it through more than half of this year. Lots of trash talk, jumpers from deep and even a few dunks. I have to admit, although I have gotten old and I can’t do the things I used to on the hardwood, it’s still a rush to get out there. Of course it’s mostly for exercise and I get plenty of sweat. I still bring 3 shirts to the court. If I sweat through all three then I know it was a good workout.

Numbers have been up and down and we have missed a few hoop days, but overall it’s been pretty good. The system that these ATL guys have in place works great because you know if people are not going to the gym. The biggest downfall to this ballbeforebreakfast life (other than the 3pm sleepy spell) is showing up to the court and nobody is there. It’s painful, so kudos to organization.

Anyway, here are a few plays from the last few hoop sessions. Hope you enjoy. As you probably know, I do not have rights to this music. You have to talk to Hov and Kanye about that.

To the ballbeforebreakfast crew: If you don’t see yourself on the clips then you need to make more plays. #justsaying Wake up and Ball Out!

Another week of highlights from ATL. Some old faces, some new faces. Same hardwood drama. Wake Up and Ball Out!