After one championship and two others that came up short (because of injuries to Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins) Doc Rivers is heading to Los Angeles to become the new head coach of the Clippers. Doc is a great coach. Player friendly and tough enough to tell players when they need to get it going. He is awesome at drawing up out of bounds plays which a lot of times are alley-oops. This is great for the Clippers because of Chris Paul and the thousands of alley-oops that he throws to Blake Griffin, DAndre Jordan and the other host of high flyers on their roster. Doc has done more than enough in Boston to say that he had a good run. Now let’s see what is next in Doc’s coaching path. Maybe KG will join him in LA. I guess Ray saw the writing on the wall and got out early. Good for him, he got another ring. Paul Pierce and KG will have to figure out their roles because it seems that Boston are going into a rebuilding stage. Rondo, Jeff Green and a bunch of new draft pics will round out their nucleus. KG can help any team and Paul Pierce is still a great player, but do those guys want to fight thru a rebuilding process. I don’t think so. GodSpeed Doc Rivers. Hope you can take the Clips to the promised land.