Hoopsters, what’s crackin’? Today I want to do something a bit different. Sure, basketball is a team game, but in this post I am gonna feature someone other than myself for a change. Today I was hit with a pass coming off the right wing and headed to the basket. There in my path was Lance. He is a 6’4″ legit ball player with a beard that has a mind of its own. At just about any given moment, he is the best player in the gym. I leaped into the air to try to shoot over him, but he seemed to be too long and was up too high. I actually amazed myself at how long I was able to hang in the air to try and get the shot up. I did get it over him and to the rim, but of course I missed. But that’s not the point. That hangtime that I showed, made me feel good. Like I was in my younger body. Maybe those squats are paying off. Pretty awesome. Lance said he got a “cramp” just as he was about to jump. Whatever.
But talking to him after the game, I realized that he was a pretty interesting guy. I noticed his NBA All-Star weekend jacket from Houston and he even showed me some of his pics from the dunk contest. He has a really cool job, and seems to genuinely enjoy it. I bet he would not have enjoyed it if I could have found a way to sink that shot. Hopefully, he can help us get the word out about ballbeforebreakfast. Anyway, welcome back Lance. Help us out and plug in one of those celeb interviews. I can even give you a tshirt to wear. Check out his facebook fan page @