Did you see it? LeBron’s dunk block? Amazing! Usually when someone gets posterized, its because they got dunked on. Its great because of the look on the face of the guy who is being dunked on. But in this case, you can’t see LeBron’s face in this shot, but the look on Tiago Splitter’s face is priceless. He is going up with authority. In a battle where a 6’11” center from Brazil going up for a dunk on a 6’8″ monster, the 3″ difference should have put Splitter over the top literally. But this 6’8″ monster is LeBron James. So what happened is history. So LeBron gets the first defensive poster. Not Hakeem, or Shaq, or Ralph Sampson, or Manute Bol, or Yao Ming, or Rick Smits or any of the other huge shot blocking centers in basketball history. Great job LeBron, gotta admit that was bad ass.