It happens every once in a while. You show up to the court and find yourself on an unbeatable team. Maybe it’s not a group of the best players or the tallest or fastest guys, but it’s a group that owns the court for that span of time. This was the case on yesterday morning. Kenny picked an awesome 5. We had Tim (probably the best player in the gym), Kenny (the ringleader), Sam (a new guy with some game), another Sam (the mastermind architect behind the new World Trade Center and scrappy rebounder) and Me Marco (the swiss army knife of morning hoops). We played very well together. Cuts, passes (some spectacular) jumpers and even some defense. We had great chemistry. 4-0 for the morning. It was awesome. We all scored, we all passed we all won. It was a great feeling. I mean its to the point where I might not even play on Friday. Well, that’s a lie, because if I can walk and am not too hungover, I will be at the court. I have to admit, the basketball gods owed me this one.  I have been on the other side of this many times.  It sucks and for all of you who were not as fortunate to be on our team, I know how you feel. Better you than me, 4 real. I actually asked a couple of guys how it felt to not win a game that day. I got several colorful responses like “get away from me” and “go f*ck yourself.” I guess I deserved it. I even suggested to my man Eric (Milford) that he take up bowling or horseshoes. So, because of this post, I probably won’t win a game on Friday, but eff it I am having fun writing this post. So let’s see what happens. All of you reading this who will be gunning for me on Friday I say BRING IT!  See all of you on the court Friday Morning. Wake up and Ball out!