Here is the debate for this Friday. Calling And 1. Is it a foul call? Should you get the basket if you make it? The rule in the 14th street Y is that if you call foul and make the bucket, then its no good. I like the rule because it forces people to think about the foul call and in turn limits the amount of calls. On the other hand, guys start to foul more so there is a down side to it as well. And 1 is a bit different though. And 1, in my mind, is a foul call unless you say it 2 or 3 seconds after you make the basket. This way, you are just making a statement saying that you still scored and got fouled instead of calling it in the process of shooting. If you have to say something when you score just say something random and far away from anything that can be a foul call. Say “Pizza” or “Cell Phone” maybe “Bansai” or “Viva la Padre” or “schwarzenegger” or “kneel before me.” Anything that does not mean foul. Be creative. What do you think about the rule?