On today, April 5, 1993, Chris Webber went down in infamy with those famous two words. TIME OUT! This went down in history as one of the biggest mistakes in college basketball history. Webber was part of the Fab 5 Michigan Wolverine team that took the nation by storm. They were famous for trash talk, long shorts and black socks effectively creating a look that still lives in basketball today. In this national championship game, Michigan lost due to Webber’s mistake. But let’s look at it closer. Was it all Webber’s fault? I mean, first of all, you can’t put the blame on one person for one play. Basketball is a team game with 5 guys playing together, so to blame Webber for the loss for that one play is nonsense. So, when Webber grabs the rebound on the missed free throw, all of the ball handlers run up court and leave Webber there to bring the ball up. As a point guard, isn’t it you responsibility to bring the ball up? Then as he raced up the court, no guard came to him to get the ball as the trap came to him. The players on the bench were yelling at him “no Timeouts, No Timeouts” In that heated moment, all he heard was timeout. So he called it. I think we should give Chris a break. What would you have done? I probably would have jacked a three. You know how I do.