Here we go. Tonight is for it all. Game 7. Win or go home. And this is the way its supposed to be. The two best teams playing in on the biggest stage with the biggest prize. The only thing that more exciting in basketball is the road to the final four, or the championship game of your son’s AAU league or maybe the snail race at your local Bangkok pub. Well maybe not the snail race, but I hear Bangkok is crazy. So who you got? The 4 time Popovitch led Spurs? Who always seem to be very good with the cast of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili. Or the defending champs with Wade, Bosh and the best player in the league LeBron. (My wife will disagree with that one all day, she’s a Kobe groupie.) On one hand, like I said before, when you have the champ on the ropes you have to knock him out so Miami will win at home. On the other hand, if anyone can win a game 7 on the road its San Antonio. And on a third hand, I am a Pacers fan so I really don’t care who wins. And on a fourth hand, Since my team is not in the game, I’m just watching this game cause its holding them over until football season so I can watch the Cowboys stink up the place. No, really I just want a good game and if there was ever a time for a good game, now is that time. T minus around 4 hours until the game for all the marbles. Who you got?