As you may have seen on Monday Ballbeforebreakfast was in the Commonwealth of Virginia playing some roundball at the Shady Grove YMCA. Monday is the busy day in this gym. We were actually fortunate because the rules in this gym says that when there are more then 5 people waiting, then they play two games at the same times on the short side courts. Everybody kind of groans when this happens. I mean, everybody is there to run and maybe hit a few jumpers and the short courts take away some of that run. Well, like I said, we were fortunate because they actually left the games on the main big court. So, my cousin James “Riko” Booker II showed up from Atlanta via Nottaway County VA. A long trike to come and play ball. So he had to take the trip from rural Virgina and take the hour trip to my house in Richmond. Then, we both jumped in the truck and rolled to the court. Listening to the Foxxhole the whole way, we heard a comedian with a good joke. Here it is.

A man died and his wife buried him in a $45,000 suit.
Don’t you think that is a waste of money?
His wife said “I want people to remember him the way he was.”
I said, “Why don’t you put some handcuffs on him?”


Anyway, we got to the court and played in the second game. It was pretty bad. Riko had not played in a while and it showed. Although in great shape and being stronger than I remember, the ball seemed foreign to him. The art of passing, shooting and even catching was a challenge. He described it as “having on iron gloves” and playing like “special needs.” They were depending on me to score the ball. If that is the case, Houston, we have a problem. Hilarious. Needless to say that we lost the game. And the next one to bat. Disgusted, Booker walked off the court to get a drink and said that all he deserved is “toilet water.” I thought he was way too hard on himself, but it didn’t stop me from giggling my face off like one of those Hyenas on The Lion King. He also said that he is glad that his ball playing wife was not there because she may divorce him. He was also abused on the defensive end by another James. But, not to bash Riko too much, the guy I was guarding tore me up too. But I gave up defense a long time ago.

We both are here through Thanksgiving, so maybe we will have a chance for redemption tomorrow or next week. The game is mean James, just keep running. When in doubt, just jack it up. That’s what I do. Whatever.