As much as it pains me, I am making today’s post about Howard University. Being a Hampton Pirate, it’s very difficult for me to do this. Anyway, on March 13, 1913, the Howard Bison won the Colored Basketball World’s Championship by beating the Monticello Athletic Association 33-15. Very low scoring game as it was in those days, but Howard won none the less. It was a very hard time for all African Americans in that era, but it was a good day for these college students and their peers. Great job Bison, and that should mean a lot coming from me. I can take pride in the fact that that year Howard was by far the best team in Colored Basketball (and maybe all college basketball, who knows?) but they did lose to a school named Hampton Institute. This was before we got the “University” added to our name, but this started a long standing dominance over Howard in all sports. This still stands today. So take that Howard. Congrats on your 1912 Championship.