The beginning of the Summer months are approaching. This means a few fewer people in the gym playing ball in the morning. Especially on Mondays. Some of the regulars in my gym are slowed by injuries. Some minor and a few a bit more serious. You have to use the time to make sure you stay in shape. Some days there will only be a few people that show up. Don’t get discouraged, use the time to work on the J or the handle. Get in the weight room and get stronger. Go in the yoga room and stretch like a tree hugging madman. Wednesdays and Fridays will probably be ok, but those Mondays maybe a bit suspect. This is the time you work on the game so that when its time to lace them up against some real players or in a new place ballin, you can show up and play like you know you can. Summer is coming, the heat is on the way. Come play and enjoy the AC and competitive ball.