There has been a lot of wheeling and dealing all over the NBA. Of course, everyone wants to win the championship every year so they do whatever they can in order to take their best shot. The Dwight Howard thing in Houston is interesting. With the cast they have down in H-Town (remember knocking boots? That was the track) with Harden, Dwight Howard adds another dimension. He would change any team he was on, but in Houston he has a chance to do something special. Big men seem to flourish in Houston. Hakeem (who has joined on to be a big man’s coach), Ralph Sampson, Yao, all had great careers in the red and yellow. Now Dwight, with Hakeem’s instruction, could become a monster. Howard has never really been a post up give me the ball kind of player. He gets boards, blocks shots and catches lob passes. But think about it, what if he learned the “Dream Shake”. In any account, it will be a season to watch in Houston as well as other places in the league, there are a lot of changes being made. Does Jeremey Lin still play for the Rockets? Weird, where is all that Linsanity stuff now? It was crazy for that couple of months when he was the man in NY. Where he at? OK Dwight. This is your third team in three years. If you didn’t like what Kareem said about you, then let’s see you be the best big man in the league this year. The stars are aligning for you.