So LeBron does it again. In a very exciting game, Miami squeaks out a win with 2.2 seconds left. Here is my question. If you are playing against Miami and you need to stop somebody from scoring, then LeBron has to be the first person you stop. He got such an easy layup. And why wasn’t Roy Hibbert in the game? Frank Vogel had a different philosophy on what he wanted to do at the end of the game and it burned him. OK, maybe he wanted to hold Hibbert out in case they went to another overtime. Maybe Hibbert was tired. Maybe Vogel is being paid by LeBron’s people. You have to win the chess match in a seven game series and it seems like Indiana just lost a rook and a bishop. Being a Pacers fan, it hurts, because you have to take advantage of any and all of your opportunities against a team like the Heat. But the idea is to try and steal home court advantage and win a game on the road. So, on to the next game, which is tonight. Hopefully the game can be as competitive at the last one was. Lets see what happens.