Michigan Wolverines. One of the best college (football) uniforms in the game. One of the biggest athletic programs out there. Today, I want to play the six degrees game with their name. All of these facts come back to my personal experience so bare with me. I hope I am playing the game right. I love me some me. Anyway, here it goes. At the start of the season I was tweeting about Trey Burke and wondering if he had what it took to take Michigan to the promised land of championship. Then, about a week ago I was talking up VCU, the explosive, aggressive defensive Rams from my hometown of Richmond, VA. They came up up against Trey Burke and the Wolverines and with the two point guard system, they made short work of Shaka Smart’s Rams. I also blogged about Florida Gulf Coast and their Cinderella story asking who would beat them. The Gators of Florida took care of them easily creating a showdown of Michigan and Florida. Trey Burke again came through and took care of the Gators sending them to the final four. Their first trip since the fab 5 in 1993. Jalen Rose of the Fab 5 remains one of my favorite players of all time. Not to mention he is pretty good in his ESPN job. I think he is an analyst. Although the Fab 5 never actually won the championship, they did win it all in 1989 when Rumeal Robinson sank two free throws to drop Seton Hall for Michigan’s first and only basketball championship. Glen Rice was on that team, who’s son plays for Georgia Tech. It would have fit perfectly if he played for Michigan, but I digress. That championship was won on today, April 3, 1989. This leads me to my prediction that Michigan will win it all this year. You heard it here first. And I am gonna tweet that now! Not sure if I played the six degrees game correctly, but you get the idea.