One of the things I hate the most about pickup basketball is the fact that people make their own calls. For the most part, people are pretty good about only calling fouls and violations when its obvious or if the other player gets an advantage, but sometimes it gets out of hand. The one thing I have learned that you can’t do is argue the call and start a whole big dispute. These can take precious workout time and most of all it slows the game way down and allows your opponents to catch their breath. I know, sometimes you can’t help it. On Monday, I found myself screaming at guys like some kind of maniac because of a foul call. Its really not that serious. We all want to win, but at what cost. On the other hand of that statement, you realize that you have gathered a group of new friends when the very guys you were yelling at laugh at you when you try to apologize to them for your outburst. One guy actually asked me what the Hell I was talking about. My man Jeff. That is how you know you are playing ball with a good group of guys. So, long story short, just don’t add to the problem by screaming about it, just get back on D. Until the next bad call.