I owe Roy Hibbert an apology. I know he had to apologize to the world about his “no homo” comment and dropping a MF in an interview, but I also need to say im sorry. When he was talking about the play when LeBron was called for a charge in game 6 (which I still think was the right call) he talked about jumping straight up and using his “verticality.” I went into a frenzy. I was absolutely appalled, aghast, dismayed and shocked at the fact that another one of my brothers is making up words on national TV. I went out on twitter and joked about it. I began to mock Hibbert using the verticality word over and over in broken sentences. I even scolded my kids, telling them never to make up words and use them to sound smart. Then I went online and looked the word up. I was actually looking for another joke to use. Then…I’ll be damned, verticality is a word. I aint lying! Here is the definition Noun – verticality – position at right angles to the horizon. WOW. I felt so stupid. So, Roy Hibbert, this is my official apology. I forgot that you went to Georgetown for goodness sake. Carry on brother, good luck tonight in Game 7. Let’s Go Pacers!