You know who you are if you didn’t show up. Great job to those of you who did. Started off with only a few people. Shot around, played 21 and hit the weights. We did end up getting 10 players, but the two games were sad. Complete with airballs, people hanging court and just all around lazy ball. It was sad. Almost as sad as when Sergeant Elias is left for dead in the movie Platoon. It was just at the YMCA and no Vietcong territory was involved. Maybe it was as sad as the scene in Rocky IV when the Ivan Drago killed Apollo Creed. I am still salty about that whole thing, don’t get me started. I mean, Apollo fought Rocky, got beat up but won in the first movie, lost to Rocky in the second movie, got beat by Rocky in a sprint on the beach in Rocky III and got killed in Rocky IV. But I digress. We are talking about the lame attendance of today’s hoop session. Gotta try to make the best of the situation, so at least I got a workout even thought I couldn’t buy a shot. I threw up more than enough bricks to rebuild houses torn down by Hurricanes. This post is a plea. I have missed my share of Mondays, but now is the time to get that energy that fall basketball brings. I am up to the challenge, but we need a joint effort. More players mean fewer sad Mondays. There is enough sadness in the world like when the Ram chose to fight to the end in The Wrestler or the whole second half of Million Dollar Baby.

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