Did you see the game last night? Wow, what a game. I am concerned with San Antonio right now. To use a boxing analogy, when you have the champ on the ropes, you need to go ahead and get him out of there. That is the only way that you can ensure that you will win. Historically, when teams have the change to close out a series in game 6 and are not able to do it, its trouble. Especially when you are playing the reigning champs on their home court. Miami finished very strong in this game. LeBron had a great game on the stat sheet, but when you look at his last few possessions, there were some turnovers there. He has done this in other games in this series and also in the Indiana series. (You know I would remember that). But in my book the two heroes were Chris Bosh with his rebounding and shot blocking and Ray Allen. Ray Ray has been in the league for 16 years. And after countless three point shots (the most made in NBA History) he may have hit the biggest of his career last night. In a mad scramble and an offensive rebound, the ball found its way into Ray Ray’s hands. He elevated and took the shot with a hand in his face. CASH!! everybody went wild. This sent the game to overtime when it all looked like San Antonio was in route to winning a 5th championship. The Heat went on to win the game and force a Game 7 which is Thursday night. I can appreciate this shot because that shot was really Reggie-esque. Clutch and when it all looked it was over, here comes Ray Ray. This allows me to let go of the fact that Ray topped Reggie on the all time 3 point list. I always felt like Ray made all of his shots, but with little to no flair. Reggie got into it with Spike, flopped all over the place, had a terrible looking shot and was not really that pleasing to look at. But his shots were clutch and you could see how hard he worked to get open. Ray changed all of that last night with this shot. This may be the catalyst to another Miami Heat championship. It would be Ray’s second ring, something Reggie could never figure out. Good on you Ray, I can finally call you the 3 point king. His shot is gorgeous tho. Gotta admit.