Chris Andersen. Shot blocker, leaper, weird tattooed “Birdman” and newest victim of Paul George. If you were watching the game last night you saw the posterizing of the birdman. Indiana tied the series last night in Miami after losing a heartbreaker in game 1. I actually didn’t see the Paul G dunk until this morning on SportsCenter, because the vacation house I am staying at does not have TNT. When I did see the poster, I knew that I had a post for today. Paul George is the most improved player in the NBA. High flyer, 3 point shooter, slasher, scorer, clutch player and quickly becoming my favorite player in the NBA. I may finally have a replacement for Reggie in an Indiana uniform for my favorite player. Its good to see the Pacers relevant again, but lets see what happens because this series is not over. Miami is a great team but, like I said before, they are in a fight. I do have a question for my fellow Pacers fans about Danny Granger. What happens to him if this playoff run becomes special. He was the face of the franchise at small forward, but now it seems like Paul George has come into his own. That’s another conversation for another time. Good job Pacers, lets take it to Indiana. BEAT THE HEAT! BEAT THE HEAT!