Some people were born to be superstars. Some people were born to be race car drivers. Some people were born to be rocket scientists. And one person was born to be Michael Jordan’s posterboy. Craig Ehlo. Journeyman Guard/Forward who played for the Sonics, Hawks and Cavs. He was a solid player for the small market Cavs and had the unfortunate task of guarding Jordan on several occasions. I guess, somebody had to guard him. There are many shots of Jordan dunking on Ehlo and driving past him time after time, but the most memorable moment is the famous shot from the free throw line to win Chicago’s first playoff series and rocketing Jordan to superstar status. Ehlo tried his best to contest the shot, but came up short and fell into the stands. I am sure Ehlo had many shining moments, but he is known for this one. What would you do though? I mean we are talking about AIR Jordan. Not the Jordan of the end of his career, but the high flying, cradle dunk on the break, get out of the way Jordan. It would be a tough task for anyone. Dont feel bad Ehlo, Bryon Russell is known for a similar moment.