Another week hooping in the ATL. Getting the exercise in, but I’ve really been stinking up the joint lately. Turnovers, bricks just overall terrible. Not sure what’s going on. My brother always told me that your J never goes away, you just have to find it. Well right now my joint is broke. I gotta put out a search party for it. But, still getting good sweat and getting some of these pounds off.

Anyway, here are some plays from last week. I was being lazy sitting around and I missed a dunk by a young cat that came in the gym. It was filthy too. Straight off the vertical. A banger. And I missed it. My bad. Guys in the gym let me know about it too. That would have been a great clip. Must be nice to be young. I forgot what that was like.

Check out the video. Hope you like it. This will probably be the last one from ATL for the year. We will see what happens when I get to VA. I might have something for you guys. Wake up and Ball out.