With March Madness upon us we are reaching one of the busiest times in pick up basketball. People go through Rivalry Week and Championship Week, see Duke vs North Carolina, Michigan vs Michigan State and get that feeling back. That feeling that “I can do that too.” I’m guilty of it as well. Maybe not as much now as I am getting older, but the excitement of the upcoming tournament really does get your juices flowing. Thinking about upsets like when my Hampton Pirates (15 seed) beat the Jamaal Tinsley led Iowa State Red Cyclones (2 Seed) makes those aching knees feel a little better and gives you a little of your edge back. I guess I’m speaking for myself.

We all love buzzer beaters, tip dunks, and threes from waaaaaay downtown and it’s awesome to get some good cardio while doing it. But for me, the relationships I have forged in all of these cities last a lifetime. Even after my knees give out and I stop playing the little bit of defense that I do now, the guys that I met along the way are lifelong friends. I really do cherish that. Even though all of you are chumps.

Anyway, here are some plays from the early part of 2019. Check it out. Wake up and ball out!