Here are a few clips from the last couple of weeks. Its great to make these videos, its good practice for me and I can get more support for ballbeforbreakfast. The thing is that if I am recording the game, that means that I am not playing in the game. It also means that I am not lifting, or working on the jumper or dribbling or stretching or anything like that. You get the point. In this video I tried a few thing like slo-mo, freeze frames and color shifts. Like I said, it is helping me very much with my craft. There are a few great plays here and others where I tried to give a little insight into the culture of our morning game. Great guys, pretty good games, but all fun. Its great to get all of this energy out early in the day so you are not using it against co workers at the office or clients. So, check it out guys. Hope I didn’t make anybody look too bad, that’s not what its about. Those who didn’t get the highlights you wanted, then get in the gym. The more highlights you have, the better chance you have getting some camera time. See you all on Monday!