Good week fellas. We had many great plays, no real injuries and minimal bloodshed. Ques and Brandon got into it with some roughhousing, that’s always fun to watch. Jeff had a couple of meltdowns, Tim made some shots and got burned a bunch (you can see in the video) and Simon even made a cameo. When asked how Miami was treating him, Simon replied, “that’s none of your damn business and I would like it if you stayed out of my personal affairs.” No, he didn’t really say that, but that is usually my (joking) response when people ask me about what I am up to. Again, I love making these videos. Its fun for everybody, but if I am recording, then I am not playing. So there is a small downfall, we all want to play every game and win but that is not always the case. Especially when you don’t have a good team. There are a bunch of new faces in the gym and that’s great, because they always play off me a bit and give me room for the J. I am not driving to the basket as much as I used to. Can’t get hurt man, got too many people depending on me. Anyway, enough about me, check out the video with the plays from the last week in New York. I tried to make sure those who haven’t had many highlights in the past got some plays in this one. Some of the same people show up in all the videos, but those are the players who actually have some game and look good doing it. So, with that said, its probably good that I am not on any of the plays. Or, maybe if I was on film more, it would make everybody else look better. So check it out, send it around and let everybody know that you are actually on the court in the morning and not out begging for money on the train so you can get the PS4 tomorrow. GodSpeed Gentlemen. Wake up and ball out!