On today, Pistol Pete lit up the scoreboard in an NBA game against the New York Knicks. Maravich, usually known for his flashy passes and unique style of play took it upon himself to put the ball in the hole time and time again. When you see stats like this, you try to equate it to talent or just a hot night. Yes, that has a bunch to do with it, but hard work creates more of those hot nights and it increases talent. This is why we all need to be working this Monday morning on whatever we are weak in. Whether its conditioning, the jump shot, the off hand, defense, Monday is the day to start. Whenever someone has a night like this, I always wonder who was guarding him. The record was broken by his Airness MJ in 1990 and Iverson got close, but those two guys were just unguardable. What made Pete’s night so special. I tried to look at old video of the game, but the black and white grainy film just bored me. Good job Pete Maravich, we all want a big night like this. See you on the court.