Vince Lombardi said it best. “What the Hell’s going on out here?”

WTF Indiana? I talked so much trash during this basketball season, not is seems that my beloved Pacers will make me eat my words. Commentators on ESPN are calling this one of the biggest meltdowns in NBA history. I am looking for ways to make excuses for my team, but there are none. Its is just as simple as heart and gaul. I do think that guys want to win, but they look lost out there much of the time. It hurts. I mean, what happened to Roy Hibbert? Maybe he is just worn out. Paul George grew up in the playoffs last year. Remember that dunk on Birdman? WOW! It didn’t help that Atlanta shot lights out like the rim was 20 feet wide. They couldn’t miss. Anyway, I am not sure if they can fix this thing. Even if they find a way to beat Atlanta, there are bigger fish waiting in the next round. So what do we do? Maybe we try and get Reggie Miller to come back. He was scrawny but he was scrappy and didn’t take shiz from anybody. Even the Pacers team that went cray cray when Ron Artest went into the stands had heart (maybe too much).

I don’t know if it’s Frank Vogel or not. I have seen championship teams lose games in dramatic fashion even get blown out, but the problem is that the Pacers just look lost sometimes. Like they never ever played basketball together. Its crazy. David West is the only constant. Paul George is doing all he can, but because of last year, everyone is watching him now. He is not surprising anyone. Larry Bird tried to get in front of the problem by signing Evan Turner and Andrew Bynum. The Turner thing is working out, but I think Andrew Bynum is done. Sitting back collecting his money. This is probably his last shot in his NBA career. Its tough because Hibbert as all but vanished. He can’t even get rebounds…at 7’4″? What the Hell is going on out here?

Why is Reggie Miller, one of the most famous and respected Pacers, so quiet? C’mon Reggie, maybe you can get the boys going. I’m not gonna give up, but it does not look good for #PacersNation. So Game 6 in Atlanta is coming up, Pacers are fighting for their playoff lives. Let’s see what happens. Crazier things have happened.