Barack_Obama_playing_basketball_in_Camp_DavidOne day at Camp David, President Barak Obama showed up and wanted to play some hoops. Great, awesome. Mr. President himself coming to the gym and is ready to play ball. Wonder how the scene was. Were the secret service agents hanging around the court? Were they packing heat? I’ve played at many courts where the cats on the sideline had hardware. Makes you nervous to say the least. From the image it seemed that they were just playing two on two. What would you do if you had to guard the president? What if he was draining jumpers in your eye? What if he was talking trash? What do you do if Mr. Obama was going to the hole for the game winning lay-up? How much do you want to win the game? Would you hard foul the prez? Or block his shot into the stands? Gotta be careful, you might get the Bin Laden treatment. I heard that you should push him to his left hand.

Awesome Mr. President. Thanks for playing. You are an inspiration to us all.