You know those days that you have on the court when you can’t miss? When everything you throw up goes in, even the ones that bank of the backboard or were simply lucky? The days when everyone is like, “who’s man is that?” and they are talking about you on offense for a change? Well today was not one of those days for me. Today should be called “No Good Friday” from all the bricks that I threw up this morning. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t hit the side of a barn, couldn’t throw a pebble in the ocean, couldn’t buy a shot, couldn’t hit the ground with my feet (just made that one up.) Anyway, I still got my exercise and even won a few games. On those games I feel that its important to play tight defense and go for steals and rebounds. Even if you are not scoring, you can make an impact on the game. Good crowd for a holiday, keep it up guys. Special shot out to Tim for a three point airball on the break for game point. That. Was. Awesome. See you next week!