Nicknames. They are what makes some basketball players. There are some ball players, especially in pick-up games, that you might not even know their real names. DJ, Neck Bone, Shooter, Lefty, just to name a few. In the NBA there have been several great nicknames and some that were just terrible. Air Jordan, The Human Highlight Reel, The Answer, Hakeem the Dream, Dr. J, The Microwave, The Glove, all of these are great. While others like The Worm, The Mailman, The Matrix, Kandi Man are just awful. So, how do you get a nickname? I always heard that somebody has to give it to you and it just “sticks.” But what if you hate it? I mean if you sweat a lot and some joker starts calling you “The Flounder.” Do you have to accept it if guys start calling you that all the time? Or, can you give yourself a nickname? What if I want to be call “The Terminator.” If I demand it do you have to call me it. Kobe did it. Black Mamba, that a self given nickname. But its Kobe and who it gonna disagree. I just wanted to start the conversation, what do you guys think? Here are a few more nicknames that I like.
Chocolate Thunder, Magic Johnson, The Chief, Vanilla Gorilla, Tree Rollins, White Mamba, Big Nasty, Big Shot Rob, The Human Highlight Reel and Captain Canada. People usually call me the ghost b/c its like I am not even on the court. Add more names to this post and continue the conversation.