I went and got myself a pair of new hoop kicks this weekend. The J’s I have don’t have much ventilation so if I have to wear them all day, my feet sweat something awful. I know its gross, but its a fact. Anyway, I like these shoes. They are light and have air holes everywhere. My feet are cool when I am playing in them and it will just get better as I break them in.

Monday was the first time I played in these new Nikes. I moved very well, since the shoes are so much lighter than the Jordans, I do feel faster. Problem is, I lost both game that I played yesterday. The first one was close and came down to the last shot while the second game was a blowout. 8-2 or something stupid like that. Shots were rimming out, layups were being missed.

This morning was a different story though. The shoes are a bit more broken in and I warmed up before I actually got out there and played. The shot was falling, but I can’t take all the credit because my squad was dominant. Great picking Kenny. Defenders were playing off me a bit to help out with Tim and Stephens so I was wide open for many of those shots that fell. So, although I did make the shots, my teammates were setting picks and drawing defenders which allowed me to have an opportunity to hit some mid range jumpers.

4-1 this morning. Lost the last game in heated fashion. I guess we used up all our juice on the games before. Whatever. See you guys on Friday with my new-ish kicks.

Wake Up and Ball Out.