It’s that time of year! The most exciting time in sports (for me anyway). College basketball teams from all over the country have punched their tickets for the big dance. We all love good games, alley-oops, comebacks, upsets and full court press defense. But the most exciting thing that comes out of this tournament are the Cinderella teams. Those teams who win a game an an underdog, then win again, then win a bigger game and we all join in to see how far they can go. That’s the beauty of the NCAA tournament. Anything can happen. Win or go home. Survive and advance. All of those phrases are accurate, and its awesome. So many people find reasons to leave work and go to the closest sports bar to watch their alma mater battle to move and try and get to the final four. I wonder how many people get fired around this time. Ha. Well, with today’s technology its a bit different because people can watch on their computers and smart phones. Its not like going to Buffalo Wild Wings or that bar on the corner. So, fill out your brackets and watch it be destroyed by one of these Cinderella teams. Who will it be this year? I am rooting for the Hampton Pirate women’s team since the men couldn’t win the MEAC. Let me know who you think will be in the final four? I got Duke, Ohio State, Michigan and Indiana.