The NBA Playoffs are getting interesting. They are showing off their version of the final four. Its a bit different from the NCAA because of the energy level, the fanatics and the million dollar athletes. This year, the last four teams standing may lack some of the starpower that past playoffs have had. The Kobes, Durants, Pierces, Garnetts of the world are absent. The Heat are still there with the two of the biggest stars in LeBron and D Wade, so there are some stars shining. The other teams (Memphis, Indiana and San Antonio) are small market teams that, with the exception of San Antonio, have something to prove. San Antonio has a couple of championships, Indiana has been to the finals in the Reggie Miller era and Memphis is a newcomer to the scene. They all deserve to be where they are and now its time to lace them up and see how it all pans out. Right now San Antonio is us 2-0 on Memphis and Miami and Indiana play game 1 tonight. Lets see what happens.