I have only played pick up against a pair of twins one time. It was actually in LA. The twin brothers were at least 6’2″ and very solid in stature. They were two of the worst basketball players I have ever seen. I mean they were terrible, and they had the “I think I an way better than I am” disease. Way too much talking and too little basketball. This makes me appreciate the fact that the Morris brothers are back together under the Phoenix sun. You know how it is when you hoop with your friends. You know how they play and sometimes its scary how much you think alike. Imagine when its your twin brother. I mean, these guys have been playing together on a high level all their lives. No its the same deal in the NBA than it was in Kansas for them. Now they can do everything together, like comparing million dollar salaries. That must be nice. The real winner is their mother I bet. I am looking forward to seeing how they mesh in the Suns system. I am sure they can let a bit of that weird telecommunication that twins have leak over into NBA games.