I’m sure you guys have heard about the female phenom Mo’ne Davis. Well she is headed to Hampton to join the ranks of our Softball team. I know, I know, this is a basketball blog. And it’s all about waking up and balling out. And basketball and softball are very different sports with different skill sets. I know all of this, but would you rather me talk about how my jumper is still broke and I hurt all over? I didn’t think so. However, there is one thing that softball and hoops have in common. Something that is common for all sports and anything else you want to do well in life. Repetition. The act of doing something over and over again. Whether this happens early in the morning or some other time, it’s a necessary thing for muscle memory and improvement.

Besides that, Mo’ne hoops too. I actually heard about her basketball skills before seeing here in the little league World Series where she became the first female to throw a shutout. That’s big time stuff. Here is a video that shows off one of her school basketball games. She can ball.

So she has a full ride for softball. Don’t be surprised if you see her on the hardwood as well running the squad for the lady Pirates. Think about it. A female two way sports star. I am sure that she isn’t the first but its cool none the less. We can thank ESPN and the entity that it has become for educating us to the future stars way before they become pro or collegiate athletes. It’s cool that we have access to that stuff. It helps us to not be so surprised when we see special athletes play.

Pretty cool setup for an awesome story. Good job HU.

Since she is coming to Hampton for softball, here is a video about her if you are not familiar.