So now the argument begins. With the Miami Heat coming off a championship and now winning 20 straight games, are they the best ever? I think they can be in the conversation even if they don’t have a prayer to win the dispute. They have one of if not the best physical specimen in forward LeBron James, a superstar guard in Dwayne Wade and an all star big man in Chris Bosh. They also have a superb supporting cast including the all time 3-point king Ray Allen. So, are they the best of all time? Everybody always says that you can’t be in the conversation until you win a championship. Heat lost in the finals two years ago and won it all last year. Then they say that you have to win multiple championships. We shall see how that plays out, but they are well on their way. Then you have to count the other facts. This 20 game win streak is nothing to sneeze at. Only 4 other teams have done it. Milwaukee Bucks, Old school Washington Capitols, Houston Rockets and the 71 Lakers (who won 33 straight). So, lets see what happens. I don’t think they will be able to reach 33, that would be crazy, but you never know. We will stay tuned.