Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2013 World Basketball Champions. The Miami Heat. Does this mean that Jawan Howard has two rings? Maybe three, did he get one with Dallas? Wow and my man Reggie couldn’t squeak one out. Anyway, congrats to the Heat. Back to Back champs. Only the a few teams have been able to do this. Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Pistons (did I miss any?) LeBron is only the third player in history to have back to back league MVPs and Finals MVPs. Bill Russell and Air Jordan. This is incredible and the Heat should be very proud. Maybe except for Chris Bosh, who had a big goose egg in the score column. How are you a part of the big three and you can’t score in game 7 of the finals. He did get the huge rebound and assist to Ray Ray in game 6 to send it to OT. Also he got the block at the end of OT although I thought it was clearly a foul. I am not sure that Bosh will be around next year. I may sound like I am hating on the Heat, but I am not. Very happy for those guys. If anybody was gonna win the whole thing it should be the team that beat the Pacers. They have two of the best players in the game. The best GM in the game (maybe in history) with Pat Riley and a ton of hotties down there in South Beach. So, now its time to think about next year. Maybe after a few bottles of Don. Congrats Miami, enjoy the moment and try to get another next year. Thanks for the excitement over the last few months.