Charles Barkley put it best when he said “Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me 40 times and that just makes me a damned fool.” The Pacers let another one slip through their fingers. Now, it wasn’t game 7 where the slip up happened, that was just a plain old beat-down. But back in game one where the Pacers were up one and let the heat score on the last play of the game on a simple drive to the basket is what hurt. Not only was it a simple drive to the basket, but it was only the best player in the league with the highest playoff career points average of all time. Just saying. But just think about it, if LeBron does not make that basket, then there is not a game 7 (maybe). Reggie Miller touched on it, back in 95, the Pacers let one slip when they didn’t box out Patrick Ewing and he got an easy put back dunk to take control of the game and the series. Again in 97 they had a chance to eliminate the Chicago Jordan’s, but Mike made a cross court pass to a wide open Steve Kerr who put the Bulls up to stay. It happened in game two this year. Lesson to the Pacers has to be to take advantage of the moment when you have it, because when you leave the door cracked then it can be opened with the right push. Miami did their job last night with the game 7 beat down of the young Pacers, but they will be back. Next year won’t be the same. Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo will be back making the East that much tougher, but I like the Pacers squad, maybe even more when Danny Granger gets back. GodSpeed Miami Heat. Lets see what you do with the San Antonio Popovitches.