Steve Nash is the smartest man in basketball. We all saw it coming. Dwayne Wade did a fancy behind the back save to Norris Cole. Two on one with Norris Cole and the beast LeBron James vs. Steve Nash. Uh-Oh. Cole threw a no so great lob pass. He had LeBron trailing so the pass didn’t need to be that good. Nash did the most intelligent thing, just got out of the way. He had already been run over by LeBron on a spin move earlier in the game. Nash simply took a few steps out of the way and threw up a hap hazard hand wave to let the inevitable happen. Of course LeBron threw down a monster two handed dunk. If you look, his elbows are right at the rim. He could have dunked that on a 12 foot rim. That guy is unbelievable. What could Steve Nash do other than get trampled like some guy who tripped while running with the bulls in Spain. Maybe it wouldn’t have gotten many points in the Slam Dunk Contest, but it counted for two points in a real game towards a win. I think that’s what Lebron cares about. But still, WOW!