What’s up ya’ll? I am gonna use an Office Space quote here and say that you should never have a “case of the Mondays.” My advice is to use Monday morning as a kick start to the week. Monday is a great day for morning basketball. In some gyms, Monday is the day that everybody comes in. This could be because their gym is closed on Mondays, or they just want a change. And other Monday mornings are great because a lot of players like to stay in bed. Its more difficult to get up when the week starts. That could be because of late night Sunday night or just simply being lazy. But the truth is, this is the best day to get it started. Again, the hardest part is getting up. Once you are up, its all routine. Monday is a great day to work on that J, get your running in and simply get a jump start to the week. When Wednesday rolls around and those guys are playing for the first time in the week, you have a leg up on them. You run a little faster and jump a little higher.

All of that sounds good anyway. Good luck guys, set those alarms and get ready to play ball in the morning. At least there is plenty of basketball to talk about. Get up and ball out.