So, I am not sure if I jinxed Kobe or put too much pressure on him, but when he went to drive to the hole on the Golden State Warriors, his achilles popped. One reporter asked him if this was the last that we were gonna see from Kobe Bryant. This question was asked in the post game interview that Kobe gave almost immediately after the injury. Kobe took the question in stride and even made a joke about it. Not sure if I would be able to keep my cool in that situation. I would have thrown one of my crutches at that guy. I mean, have some respect for Kobe. He just had a major injury. Give him some tome to soak it all in and figure it out for himself. With that said, I don’t think this is the end of the Mamba. Chauncey Billups had that same injury last year and came back. Not sure how explosive he is, but he is still a part of the Clippers’ rotation. Kobe is a very different player and this injury will effect him a bit differently. In my mind, Kobe will be back. Maybe a few less dunks on people, but very effective. He wants to be like Jordan (or rather better than Jordan)more than any other player I have seen. I will imagine that Kobe will work on the post game even more. He is as big or bigger than a lot of 2 guards in the league and he is already a very good post player. Just watch when he comes back, I think he will be a different player, maybe more humble, maybe less explosive, but still a winner. I think he will get 2 more rings. That’s just my 2 cents. So, when you ask is it all over for Kobe, I say Hell to the no.