Games were awful this morning. Don’t get me wrong, its always great to get the exercise and talk some trash, but it seemed that everyone was sluggish, not really into the games or even hungover. Sure there was a game yesterday. People (including myself) had too much beer, hot dogs, burgers, ribs, sausages and all other kinds of terrible football foods. But I don’t thing that was the reason. I am blaming Destiny’s Child. During Beyonce’s halftime show, which was awesome, her two group members arose out of smoke and joined her on the stage with the other 100 half dressed dancing chicks. Completely awesome! Quoting Phil Simms a week before the super bowl “whoever got Beyonce to do the half time show…good job.” So I sat there, watched the Ravens and 49ers duke it out. Since my beloved Cowboys were not in the dance, I was secretly watching the game waiting for Jay-Z’s wife to show her best Sasha Fierce. It was awesome. So, guys, that’s why I couldn’t make any shots this morning and I was slow to get up and down the court. Not those 2 whole bags of Doritos that I ate. Oh, the Ravens won…whatever.