Somebody made a website showing off your favorite hoop stars as fat people. It’s pretty funny. Seeing these supreme athletes from today and yesterday as chunky guys shows off some pretty entertaining illustrations. It’s called Fat-Letes, you can check it out at Fun stuff.

This got me thinking tho. The Christmas holiday is on the way and it will be here before you know it. A lot of family and yuletide cheer. But also a lot of your mom’s cooking, pecan pies and drinks with friends. This will kill a jumper faster than a size 12 on a cricket. Usually what happens is that people do the holiday thing and then decide to work it off in the new year. This almost never works. We either start off the year working hard and then slow down or stop the workouts or we just settle in and accept our new rounder frame.

Here’s an idea. Why not get that run in before the holidays? This will allow a bit of slack so that if you gain a few pounds during Christmas it will bring you back to the weight you are now. Or you could even continue to work and come out of the holiday as a lean mean hooping machine. This is my plan. I started last week by adding a few laps in the pool to my morning routine. I feel a lot better after getting out of the pool. Not only does it work muscles that I don’t use on the court, but the cool water helps these old joints. It’s pretty good. Also, I’ve been thinking of trying out Steph Curry’s warm up “Beat the Ogre.” It’s a crazy nearly impossible shooting warm up. Check it out.

Do it. Get ready for the holidays and for the new year. Get up and ball out.