So the draft was last night with nothing huge to report. The first pick was sort of a surprise, but I was kind of like “whatever.” Maybe that guy will prove to be awesome, but we will have to wait to see. BeBe’s afro was kind of awesome when he got drafted by the Celtics, but then they traded him. Speaking of Celtics trades, I want to dedicate today’s post to my buddy Corey. Silky Slim is what we call him, because of his silky turn around jumper and his slim frame. The most Die Hard Celtics fan you will ever see, and he is not even from there. You see, we are all from Richmond, VA where we have no sports teams. So we find teams that we like in other states. That’s how I became a Dallas Cowboys and Indiana Pacers fan. Silk and I have a lot in common. He loves the Celtics and Tarheels from childhood, but in football, he became a Kansas City Chiefs fan because of Tecmo Bowl. I think this is awesome. Not only because of Christian Okoye, The Nigerian Nightmare but because I became an Indiana Pacers fan partly because of Reggie Miller on NBA Live. Anyway, this post is to raise his spirits, because his beloved Celtics are starting a rebuilding process. I have never seen a person happier then Silk when the Celtics attained Ray Allen and KG. I was living in Boston at the time and he came to Beantown for a few games including 2 playoff games on the Celtics way to the 2008 championship. I have since moved to the greatness that is Brooklyn. So now that this trade is being talked about where the Celts are sending KG, Paul Pierce and JT to Brooklyn I want to let Silk know that he can come to BK anytime to see his guys. There are plenty of Biggie Murals, spontaneous Jay-Z concerts, great food and the Barclays center is walking distance from my place. Not to mention J Kidd as head coach (not sure how that will work out). He will need plenty of great assistants. Head up Silk, the Celtics will be back, but for now come and check out Brooklyn. The invitation has been extended.