On April 29th back in 1965 a shooter was born. Reggie Miller, one of my favorite players of all time, had one of the sweetest shots in NBA history. The shot was not beautiful, neither is Reggie, but it was effective. When he elevated for a shot he kicked out his front foot trying to draw fouls. When he released the shot, his hands crosses and looked like tree limbs. But most of the time, that shot went in. They were usually three pointers where he is second all time to Ray Allen with 2,560 threes made. He was one of the most clutch players in NBA and one of the biggest trash talkers as well. His feud with movie director Spike Lee (the biggest NY Knicks fan of them all) is epic. This trash talk probably came from his youth where he was always compared to his sister Cheryl Miller who is probably the greatest female basketball player ever. One day Reggie’s father picked him up from his game and Reggie was beaming with confidence. His father had gone to see Cheryl play in her game at a different gym. When Reggie got in the car, he bragged on his game where he scored 54 points and pretty much won the game on his own. As he boasted, his sister Cheryl and his father share a smile. Reggie’s father informed him that Cheryl scored 103pts in her game. I am sure that sucked. Needless to say, Reggie hit several huge shots for the Indiana Pacers and is the reason I am a fan today. Happy Birthday Reggie.