April 4, 2013. Happy Birthday to my youngest son Luke. They say that the children are the future and I believe that. As of now, Luke has no interest in watching basketball, but if you put a ball on the floor he will go after it. Its just a little kid thing, because it can be any kind of ball and he will want to play with it. Last night, he did watch like 4 minutes of the Knicks game with me. I even thought he raised his hands when Melo hit a jumper. Not sure tho. I am pretty sure that today is Lou’s birthday from the 14th street Y in New York. Happy Birthday Lou. If my son can have a jumper like yours, I think he will be fine basketball-wise. Also sharing a birthday today are Robert Downey Jr, Maya Angelou, Jill Scott, Lisa Ray, Muddy Waters, Craig T. Nelson (Coach), Clive Davis, Ben Gordon, Rudy Fernandez, Sean May and Jack Del Rio. A solid list of celebs. Well, add Luke Levi Worsham to that list. Maybe he will be on that NBA list one day. Until then, keep destroying those juice boxes Luke! Happy Birthday.