I know, I know. Getting up in the morning is very hard. Especially in the winter. It’s cold, maybe snowing, there is ice on the ground and that damn hawk is out there lurking. As soon as you get outside the wind hits you like an arctic blast. All of this is, of course, if you don’t live in Hawaii, Tallahassee or San Diego where the sun shines down on you all year around. I guess the only thing stopping you guys from ballin’ is the sand of the beach. Fair enough.

But for those of us who have to head out into the coldest of the cold in order to shoot a few jumpers, godspeed. Just remember that getting up is the hardest part. Don your coat, hat and gloves and get to the court. The winter is the time when most people will show up at the court in the am for whatever reason. So, get out there and don’t smash your iphone. Repair is not covered under apple care.