Game 5 of the eastern conference finals. It has been a drag out fight for the entire series. Both teams won on the other’s floor. Miami, the defending champs are looking like the Heat. The Indiana Pacers are fighting back, just like they have done all year. But then the third quarter of Game 5 happened. Its scary. LeBron showed why he is again the league MVP turning the stadium into The LeBron Show, starring LeBron, Executive Producer LeBron, music by LeBron, featuring LeBron, introducing LeBron, directed by LeBron. You get the picture. He took over and seemed to do everything. Indiana didn’t have an answer for him. I don’t think anyone could stop him. It was impressive King James. But that’s one game. Although it was game six and has made it very difficult for the Pacers being that they have to win two games in a row, there is still two games to be played. Three wins does not win a series. Lets lace them up and get it on Saturday!