I am just getting back to home from a trip back home to VA. I had a ball.  Learned to cook on the grill (steak and chicken), drank a lot of Studweiser (That’s Budweiser to you), ate crabs and took evening trips to Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings for more beer and more wings and other crap. In the meanwhile, I didn’t do much to help myself on the court. Unless you count a bucket of popcorn shrimp as exercise. I mean, I did play once while I was there, only because I took a later train from VA, so I guess that counts. Didn’t really run that much. Got a sweat, but nothing like a real workout. I did play on Friday past as the first day back on the court in NY. I was telling everybody that it felt good to be back. I made a few shots, had a couple of airballs, got in a bunch of arguments, caught an elbow, made a couple of defensive plays (shot out to Lu, you remember the steal I got off you) and even stormed out of the gym once or twice. It was pretty awesome, but now its time for me to get back on track and work this old body back into some shape. So its time to work. As you can see, I am starting today, because I stayed in bed on Monday. Not only will I have to eat better as far as physical food, but I also have to have a helping of basketball. Not only playing but maybe even some practice. Not a game, not a game, not a game, but practice. (shot out to AI) This way the game will come to me and I wont have to push so hard on the court and make mistakes. Gotta work on the jumper. My brother made up a saying while I was at home. “The Jumper never goes away, it just hides. You have to find it.” I am out looking. I mean, I made a few shots on Friday, but I am talking about that deadly “cold blooded” jumper. (shot out to Kurt Kyrie) That’s a vital piece to the game, especially as bad as my knees hurt. So, here we go, see you chumps on the court.