Sure it’s cold outside. Its icy and snowing. The bed feels so good early in the morning. The bed is warm and super comfy in most cases. When that alarm clock goes off you just want to smash it. But don’t. You have to get up and get moving. This is how you keep the jump shot wicked. If you stay in the sac then your game is suffering. Now, if that honey with the black dress from the party last night is laying beside you, then maybe you get a pass. That’s a whole different level of workout.

Let this post be inspiring. Let this post help you to make sure that no one can leave you open. Let this post push you to be the best ball player that you can be. Winter Storm Kahn is hammering the East Coast, but you play ball indoors. Especially in January. If you are playing outside in this weather, you have my respect. Just get to the gym. Put some shots up. Keep the game tight.