The Kidd has retired. One of the most decorated point guards in NBA history. Complete with flashy passes, supreme floor generalship and a pair of final trips, Jason Kidd is well known around the League and will probably be a first ballot all star even without a ring. He was known, at the beginning of his career, as kind of a punk. The guy who went to Cal instead of a few other colleges who wanted him. The guy who split the rookie of the year with his partner in retirement, Grant Hill. He even beat Hill’s Duke Blue Devils in the NCAA Tournament. (I think Tony Gonzales was on that team) All this even without a good jump shot. They even called him Ason Kidd cause he “aint got on J.” He is now third all time in 3 point baskets made behind RaY “Jesus Shuttlesworth” Allen and Reggie Miller. Kidd even had a short lived rap career. He had a track with Money B from Digital Underground. Glad he stuck to basketball. Anyway, now Kidd is looking to jump from the uniform to the suit on the sideline. Coach Kidd. His sneakers have not even been cooled off for a year, and the Brooklyn Nets are in talks with him. Brooklyn, with their indecisive coach revolving door. Only been around a year but have already gone through 2 seasoned coaches. Avery Johnson and PJ Carlisemo. Not they are talking about J Kidd? A great player with no coaching experience? Not sure about this move Brooklyn. I could understand bringing Kidd in as an assistant and letting him learn the ropes, but just giving him the keys and telling him to run the show could be a disaster. Or it could be great. I dont konw. We will just have to see what happens. Great career J Kidd, and I wish you all the luck in your quest to be coach.